Surf Season

Nicaragua enjoys 300 plus days of offshore winds a year, ideal tropical climate and deep-water swells create the perfect conditions for year round surfing. There are two main seasons, Green (May to November) and Dry (December to April) with occasional tropical showers through the year.

The most consistent and largest water swells hit the coast from March through November. Waves come in fast, averaging from shoulder to overhead on fun surf spots but often reach double overhead or higher at more adventurous breaks.October is an off-season month due to strong onshore winds and frequent heavy rains although the weather get more fair towards the tail end.

November still sees heavy winds and strong swells, for those who like to brave the elements this is the least crowded tome in Nicaragua as the weather becomes cooler. December to February have stronger off shore winds that create waist to shoulder high surf, the water is also cooler at this time.